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Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

NEWSUN is a non-profitable voluntary organization aiming to improve the quality of life of socially and economically unprivileged, marginal, landless, and poor people and upholding the philosophy of ensuring people’s rights.

Towards its journey, NEWSUN experienced working in agricultural development, fisheries, education, water and sanitation, mother and children care support, child right, etc. as part of achieving the organizational vision of success. NEWSUN is also experienced in managing the programs with funds and in collaboration and partnership with Government ministries, national and international development agencies, and other agencies.

Since started its drive to fight poverty, NEWSUN takes development as a positive change in economic, social, cultural, and moral aspects of human life. NEWSUN is working to bring change in power dynamics by economically empowering the unprivileged, marginal people through concretization and alternative institution-building for the liberation of the majority of people from prejudices and exploitative mechanism of the society that breeds poverty and injustices.

Our vission

To build a stable society, free from hunger, free from poverty; where people will be ensured with their fundamental demands, will be strong enough with dignity and become self-reliant.

Our mission

Development of social, socio-economic, and socio-cultural environment, the establishment of rights of women and children and human empowerment based on human values, ​​and improvement of the quality of life of the backward people of the society by evaluating water and sanitation in a way consistent with the needs of the environment and climate change in the aim of building a stable society conducive to a better life by playing a supportive role in the enterprise.

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