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The NEWSUN is a registered non-profit charitable organization. The Organization is a non-political, non-religious, nonprofit charitable organization functioning in Khulna District in South Bangladesh.

The main objective of the Organization is to promote education, disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency response, technical education, health development, Women Empowerment, socio-economic upliftment, community development particularly for the ignorant people of undeveloped remote villages and urban villages to make them better citizens irrespective of caste, religion, and sex.


NEWSUN is a non-governmental development organization that emerged at the beginning of this century in the spirit of the great liberation war in Khulna, the southernmost district of Bangladesh, as a result of the creation of an equal society free from exploitation and deprivation, the establishment of the basic rights of the poor and helpless people, and the social responsibility towards the poor people. NEWSUN is a non-governmental development and voluntary organization working to improve the quality of life and reduce poverty of the poor, disadvantaged, and marginalized people in remote areas of Bangladesh.


On November 7, 2007, the worst natural disaster ‘Sidor’ swept over the southern part of Bangladesh. At this time Roy Samir Kumar, then a 1st-year student of Kapilmuni College, participated in relief activities conducted by various parties with the help of affected people. This wounding of ‘Sidor’ left a lasting impression of terror on the minds of the people of the coast. This wound left a permanent mark on Roy Samir Kumar, a young student of that day. Two years later, in 2009, the worst natural disaster ‘Aila’ hit the coast again. ‘Aila’ was hit and there were cries all around. A huge amount of property was destroyed along with the loss of human life. People are homeless. Hundreds of thousands of coastal people were forced to leave their wealth and take shelter on the streets. Using his previous experience during this disaster, Roy Samir Kumar formed a volunteer team called ‘Youth Sun’ and plunged into relief and rehabilitation work. He took up fundraising and some motivational activities along with some like-minded youth. The journey of today’s NEWSUN started in this continuation. Moving along the journey of time, NEWSUN is currently conducting various development activities in Khulna City Corporation area including Paikgacha, Dumuria, Koyra, and Batiaghata in the Khulna district.

According to the strategic plan, NEWSUN has formed Poor People’s Own Organization (CBO) in slum areas of Khulna city. It has developed a group of volunteers trained in disaster risk reduction among poor people. With whom NEWSUN has been working with various organizations including the Bangladesh government to reduce disaster risk. Besides, NEWSUN is implementing various programs on water and sanitation in association with ITP-SUWAS network.



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NEWSUN is working with the poor, vulnerable, and person with disable. A small hut, flood, storm, water logging, and scarcity of safe water are the normal incident of their daily life thus causing thousands of people to lose their livelihood assets every year.

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